Monday, June 7, 2010

infer vocabulary words in context

I use this poster frequently to do vocabulary work. I believe I first got the idea after reading Debbie Miller's book Reading With Meaning. I love how the kids have to decide what helped them to understand the word. Ex: background knowledge, root of the word, replace the word, rereading. Whatever strategy they used, they have to verbalize it and then we write it down.The story you see is the picture book Titanicat by Marty Crisp. I do an inference lesson with it. I will write about it in a future post. Christine


  1. Hi-
    You write that you did an inference lesson and will write more about this in another post...where is this post/



  2. The lesson on Titanicat is from July 2010. If you look under favorite books you will find it way down (2010). Christine