Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I am reading right now

This is a great professional book for K-6 writing teachers. I love to use mentor texts when teaching writing but it is hard to find a picture book  which matches the skill you are trying to teach. . This book contains lists and lists of good choices when you are teaching writers craft elements like alliteration, flashback, onomatopoeia, point of view and many others . It also contains lessons using the specific book mentioned. While reading the lessons I found I needed to have some of the recommended books in front of me so I took a bunch out of the library. None of them were a disappointment. Here are a few I really liked:
This picture book is recommended for teaching personification or point of view. I also like that it was full of facts about our ocean.

This cute story could be used to teach hyperbole, similes or voice in a writing lesson.

Good choice for teaching creative language, metaphors, and repetition.

Funny story that is a great choice for teaching voice and alliteration

I am so happy I found this new resource to help me teach writing. Now the next step is to find copies of some of these books. Christine