Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blogging with 5th graders

I recently started blogging with my 5th graders using
I did a little research to make sure the site was safe and then I plowed in. I have to say I am impressed with what they have done so far. I have children blogging about: wolves, myths, ponies, the Red Sox, summer vacation and so on.They are commenting on each others blog posts.Some are posting pictures and Youtube videos about what we are learning in class. I have posted a few questions to get them going like: What did you learn from our M.O.S. program, and what was your favorite book we have read so far this year.
We did have to come up with a few rules. Here they are so far:
  • Be positive in your comments (if you don't have something nice to say, don't comment)
  • Use correct spelling, capitalization  and punctuation. This is not texting with your friends. It is a school site. Proper language is required.
  • Make sure someone can learn something from your blogging. This is our purpose - to learn from each other.
They learned what a moderator was (me). This is still a work in progress but so far it has been a success.

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