Friday, January 21, 2011

Personal narratives

We are writing about a great day at an amusement park. I used The Screaming Mean Machine by Joy Crowley as my anchor text for writing a small moment on a roller coaster.

"map" of our roller coaster ride. The stars indicate great moments we could write about.

Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee is another option, but I think The Screaming Mean Machine is a better choice. I love the use of vivid verbs and similes. After we read the book, I did a Smartboard lesson review Joy Crowley's use of creative language. I have posted the link to the Smartboard lesson at the bottom of the page. Next, I had the children draw a "map" of what it would be like to go on a roller coaster ride. This helped enormously when we sat down to write. Here are some pictures of our writing folders. I used a binding machine to bind together three pocket folders. You can see that I labeled each pocket (rough draft, final copy and so on). The last pocket is for miscellaneous papers, mostly handouts. It really helps to keep things organized during writing class.

we take notes when we run across great words

We use stickers to show when we used one of our writing skills

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  1. I absolutely love this small moment lesson idea - roller coasters are so fun to describe and write about :) I am very interested in how you use the stickers in your writers folders ... do they place the stickers? how often? what skills exactly? You have amazing ideas - thanks for sharing!