Thursday, March 3, 2011

Using Visuwords with fifth grade

See the color coded "key " at the  bottom of the screen
Visuwords is an online dictionary/thesaurus which gives a visual color coded representation of a word and its relationship to other words. We have tried it out in our new computer lab with great success! First we gathered words that had stumped us when reading together. Each child typed the words into Visuwords during lab time. I made up a worksheet they could record their findings on. Much more interesting way of learning about words than the traditional way: look it up in the dictionary.  I put Visuwords on my Symbaloo. (See previous post.)Christine


  1. Looks like a great site! I love the connections to other words and concepts. Can you share the worksheet that you created to record their findings?? I definitely want to use this with my 5th grade.


  2. Hi Megan,
    It was a grid with the word on the left and space for the definition they found on Visuwords. Nothing too fancy. It's a great site.Christine