Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What I am reading right now

This is a great professional book for K-6 writing teachers. I love to use mentor texts when teaching writing but it is hard to find a picture book  which matches the skill you are trying to teach. . This book contains lists and lists of good choices when you are teaching writers craft elements like alliteration, flashback, onomatopoeia, point of view and many others . It also contains lessons using the specific book mentioned. While reading the lessons I found I needed to have some of the recommended books in front of me so I took a bunch out of the library. None of them were a disappointment. Here are a few I really liked:
This picture book is recommended for teaching personification or point of view. I also like that it was full of facts about our ocean.

This cute story could be used to teach hyperbole, similes or voice in a writing lesson.

Good choice for teaching creative language, metaphors, and repetition.

Funny story that is a great choice for teaching voice and alliteration

I am so happy I found this new resource to help me teach writing. Now the next step is to find copies of some of these books. Christine


  1. I always get discouraged when I have resource books that suggest mentor texts that I don't have. I can't believe I never thought to check them out from the library! I always have several books for me and my kids checked out, but never think to bring them into the classroom. Thanks for the suggestion. I will just have to make sure to keep them in a basket on my desk so they don't get lost forever.

  2. Hi Julianne,
    You might also want to try Paperpack Swap. I get lots of my picture books through them for about $3 each including shipping. It is www.paperbackswap.com Christine

  3. Thank you for sharing these great books. It helps to have some titles to look for before heading to the book store.

    William Smith

  4. I have to check out that book! I love to teach writing but I don't really like the resources my school give me! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for this recommendation. I think student-teachers will find this very useful, too.
    Apples with Many Seeds