Thursday, October 6, 2011

I love Shiloh

My fifth graders have just finished reading Shiloh. I love the story because it gives us so many things to discuss. Here are some pictures from some of the lessons we did while reading the story:
Character traits: What kind of a boy is Marty? We kept adding to this poster as we read the book. The green sticky is the trait and the orange ones are the text based evidence.
We did some more work on Marty's character traits.

 Marty had to make a tough decision when he found Shiloh in the woods. We wrote about all the different options he had. Did he make the right choice? What were the pros and cons of each option? What would you have done?
The story was very suspenseful. Here is the plot profile we created together. You can clearly see the rising and falling action. Chapter 9 was by far the most exciting.Later on in the school year we will read the other two Shiloh books in the trilogy. Christine


  1. This is great! My students read "Shiloh" last year, and I had considered doing the next book, but many of them already read it independently! But, I could use portions of the book combined with some of the things you shared to teach concepts!

  2. These are great ideas to get our kids "deep thinking" about books. We've just started our readaloud of "Red Kayak" and I can e see using these visuals to track our thinking. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. This is terrific. I like the fact that you were able to model strategies that they can use with ANY book. The plot profile is my favorite. Love it!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Love it!! We are starting The Watsons Go To Birmingham next week and I am totally going to use your idea for character traits for the main character Kenny. Thanks for sharing!