Friday, December 9, 2011

My Side of the Mountain

We have been using My Side of the Mountain as a mentor text for our WEX writing assignments. In this lesson the students needed to find text based evidence of Sam's character traits.

Those super large stickers came from
Each teacher in our school got a free one year membership to Extras For Creative Learning from the EDIC. Its a store filled with all kinds of misc. school supplies and materials for art projects. I got piles of those stickers and thought long and hard about how to use them. Each group completed one sticker by adding a character trait and the text based evidence from various parts of the novel. Then  we posted them on our anchor chart. If you can think of any other great ways to use all those stickers, let me know!
Our next lesson involved producing a timeline for the book. Chapter one is confusing for the reader because it takes place in the middle of the story. The journal actually begins in chapter 2. The timeline helped the students to determine importance. They could only list 10 events. This caused much discussion over which events where the most important and why.Christine


  1. Great lesson!

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  2. Oh I love the character timeline! I've heard of this idea, but never actually seen one. I love how it teaches sequencing, determining importance, and plot advancing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I adore all of your mini lesson ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! I awarded you the Liebster Award - check it out on my blog :)