Thursday, March 29, 2012

Infer a character's feelings

I have a class set of Mildred Pitts Walter's Ty's One Man Band. Recently we used it to practice inferring how a character feels. We studied Ty's thoughts, actions and words to figure out his emotions. This objective is very clearly written in the new Common Core standards for fourth graders. This text is rather simple so it is a good choice when working on such a complex skill.

Here is the poster I made for the reading lesson. On the left I put copies of pages from the story where Ty was feeling a certain emotion. (I highlighted the evidence.)
On this page Ty is curious. You can see that he is hiding from the mysterious stranger.
This is the worksheet I used. You can see that the students had to locate the feeling or emotion ( I gave them the page numbers). Later we added the stickies with the information about which emotion he felt and the way it was revealed to us to the poster. Youtube has the story Ty's One Man Band in  a Reading Rainbow episode. We were able to watch it on the Smartboard. See it below. Christine


  1. Not a teacher but I love reading about your lessons - they're so innovative. My niece is in 1st grade at Harrington and is learning how to read as well as some reading comprehension skills so I think I might do modified versions of some of these things with her.

  2. Thanks! There are some really great ideas in here. It's always exciting as a teacher to find such valuable resources