Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Close reading with 5th graders

Today we worked on close reading using a lesson from Kylene Beer's book: When Kids Can't Read.The excerpt is from the novel  Belle Prater's Boy. First,we discussed what a close read was, and then  I had the students read the excerpt by themselves and try to decipher meaning. They found the excerpt very difficult to comprehend. Then I had them highlight the spots in the text where  they got lost and any vocabulary words they didn't know. This gave the students a focus for the lesson ahead.  I also had them write a few sentences (summary) about what they thought the excerpt was about after a first read. Next, we moved on to the Smartboard. Sentence by sentence we analyzed the text, taking notes as we went.
 Much inferencing took place along with other reading strategies such as visualizing and  questioning. Later, we wrote a 4-5 sentence summary of the excerpt which showed the new learning that took place. The final piece to this lesson was a discussion on how close reading was different from every day reading. Christine


  1. I loved seeing this. I am about to dive into doing some deeper reading with my fourth grader and it was great to see how it's working in your classroom.

  2. Great Post! I am very interested in this topic. I posted a bit about Close Reading over on my blog with Five for Friday this past week. Come over and see if you're interested. It's funny that we both posted on similar topics. :)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners