Sunday, November 4, 2012

Class Dojo

My teaching partner started using Class Dojo with the 4th and fifth graders this year. It is an online behavior management program that teachers can use for free! earn and get dojo points taken away for a variety of reasons. The teacher can choose what they want the class to work on: On task behaviors, persistence, working together and so on. I partnered this program with another one This company had awards or charms in increments of 25. Once one of our students earns 25 dojo points they get a necklace, a dog tag, and a 25 "dojo" charm.

Our Dojo necklaces!

This company gives out lots of free samples of many different charms. The possibilities are endless! Christine

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  1. It's really a good idea that teacher and kids get to do this. It gets the teachers, kids, and parents involved. Lots of kids have fun with this, and love to check up on their progress in class (they especially love changing their avatars!) Great idea, I hope it improves even more!