Thursday, July 1, 2010

teaching conflict

Conflict is a more sophisticated word than problem to use with 4/5th graders.
I leave this poster up all year. I make small pictures of the books we read and laminate them. After we have read three of four stories together (trade books, Trophies basal stories, picture books) we have a discussion about which type of conflict is predominant in the story. Sometimes the children will discover two or more different types of conflict present in one book. We have also discovered that a particular conflict can be a recurring theme in the story. This activity also makes me reflect on my book choices for the class. Am I leaning towards books which have a character vs. character conflict? Christine


  1. What books do you use for examples on the chart it is hard to see. Thanks

  2. For character vs. nature: Is. of the Blue Dolphins and The Cay. For character vs. character: Shiloh series, Smoky Night, Sweetest Fig. For character vs. society: How Many Days To America, Gleam and Glow, Orphan Train Rider, Train To Somewhere. For conflict within a character: Tuck Everlasting, and El Chino.