Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Titanic story fascinates me. This book is interesting because it gives us a different perspective of the story...The point of view of a cat and a poor immigrant boy named Jim who works on this grand ship.
Questions abound as we read the story. We have to infer to understand what is really going on. I put three questions on the board to help us gather information. 1. What do we learn about Jim? 2. What do we learn about the cat? 3. What do we learn about ships and cats?As we read the story I keep adding to the chart. After awhile we review the information and make some inferences and predictions for what will come next. For some children this story sparks and interest in reading further about the Titanic. I have a collection of books on the subject that I leave out. Look at my post on inferring vocabulary words in context to see another lesson I did with Titanicat.Christine

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