Friday, August 20, 2010

chapter books for the coming year

I like to have my 5th graders read at least 10 chapter books during the school year. Sometimes we read these stories in class and sometimes we read them for homework a few chapters at a time. I think I have decided on at least 9 for the coming school year:
  1. Among The Hidden. It has been a frantic search this summer to collect a class set but I think I will have enough books. If I can get them hooked on the first book in the series, many kids will want to read all 7 books. (Science fiction)
  2. The Cay. Thank you Deb for recommending this to me a few years back. (Historical Fiction)
  3. Tuck Everlasting. This is a great book to use to apply all of the reading strategies. (Fantasy)
  4. Shiloh Always a class favorite (realistic fiction)
  5. Shiloh Season (realistic fiction)
  6. Yang The Third and Her Impossible Family An excerpt is in our Trophies but I prefer to read the whole book. Very funny. (realistic fiction)
  7. Bud, Not Buddy (historical fiction)
  8. Island of The Blue Dolphins  An excerpt is in our Trophies but again I'd rather read the whole thing.(historical fiction)
  9. Number The Stars (historical fiction)
  10. ????
As you can see my list is a little lopsided towards historical fiction. Christine


  1. Great list! Lots of classics!

    Maybe #10 could be a new/newer book. I suggest you look at the blog Literate Lives, where my friend and colleague (who also teaches 5th grade) blogs. She co-blogs with her school's librarian, so there are a mix of posts. I suggest you use their archives (in the sidebar) and go back to Sept.-May to check out her posts.

    Good luck with #10!

  2. Thank you. I signed on to follow her blog. Christine

  3. How do you organize your reading block? I teach in a private school and have the luxury of either doing class novel studies or reader's workshop/independent novel studies structure. However, I am finding it tough to decide on what is the best approach. What would you suggest?

  4. I teach both grade 4 and grade 5 ELA with a 90 minute block. I use a basal with both grades but primarily with the 4th graders. I am a real proponent of the reading strategies so I start teaching those in depth to my 4th graders knowing I will have them for 2 years. By 5th grade they are ready for novels (trade books) that go in depth. I shoot for 10-12 highly acclaimed books, many of which I have blogged about. My goal by the second year is to really get them passionate about reading before they go on to middle school. I think book discussions (novel studies) would be the way to go. It is the experience of enjoying a book together that is so special. They never forget it. Christine

  5. I have a suggestion for your number 10 spot...The Hideout by Peg Kehret. It is a wonderful book, and my fourth graders get hooked immediately when we read it. Love your site. We have very similar tastes in books and strategies. Thanks for the great teaching ideas.

  6. Maniac Magee is a great one too!

  7. I teach 5th grade as well. I am so excited about trying some of your book choices. I have a few suggestions myself that you may like to try. We always read 40 Acres and Maybe a Mule to help teach Reconstruction. I love Maniac Magee, as mentioned above. It has a lot of figurative language and deals with racial segregation. Last year, I was introduced to the book Wonder. My students BEGGED me to read. I have never had that positive of a response over a novel. I was tickled pink!