Saturday, August 28, 2010

tools not toys

Here are some tools I use with small reading groups. The place marker is just a piece of laminating scrap with a line drawn with permanent marker ( red or black) down the middle. I have the kids use it to help them track while reading. I like that you can see above the line and below the line. A regular placemarker like a bookmark does not allow you to do this.This great idea was given to me by Sue, our resource teacher. (I love the recycling idea as well.) The I spy glass is great to use for "word work". I copied them on color paper, then cut the middle out. Next I laminated them and then drew the rectangle in the middle. I have the children use them to look for an adverb or a compound word...any skill you are working on. It also works nicely to have them capture a word in the spy glass and then look for the context clues which surround the word. The witches finger is also good for tracking. You can buy these for $1 a pack at the Dollar store around Halloween. Of course kids look at these tools as toys. I like to get the playing out of the way first. Then we concentrate on using these as tools to help us learn. Christine
I keep my witches fingers in the box!

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