Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Japanese Paper House: MCAS

 Children have virtually no background knowledge about traditional Japanese design. They have never heard of the famous American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.That is what makes this MCAS question so difficult to tackle. I have to admit my mental file cabinet is pretty empty on the subject. Knowing that drove me to produce a Smartboard lesson to go along with the article The Japanese Paper House.
While reading,you need to INFER that Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by traditional Japanese design. He built Fallingwater in PA as a result. We watched this awesome Youtube video, a virtual rebuilding of the architect's masterpiece on our Smartboard. The video of Fallingwater combined with the Smartbook Notebook lesson on Japanese design features filled our mental file cabinets up. We are now able to visualize on a topic that was abstract before. Success! Christine

Here is the Smartboard lesson:

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