Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vocabulary ideas

I used this idea from Words, Words, Words, as a way to review our vocabulary words ,
may of which were character traits from Trophies, Theme 1, grade 4. I give it as a HW assignment. The children
love putting the stickers on!

I made sets of these Greek and Latin root cards for my 5th graders to use.
I just finished Learning Words Inside and Out by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher. Its filled with lots of simple ways to incorporate vocabulary into everyday lessons. It inspired me to reread Janet Allen's Words, Words, Words which is another great resource if you are trying to improve your vocabulary instruction. I gathered together some pictures of vocabulary ideas I've used in the classroom which were inspired by these two books:
After studying the Greek and Latin root cards with a partner, students use these posters to
make their new learning visible.

Using roots to relate words to each other is a great strategy to practice with kids.
This poster was made for the story Blue Willow, from our grade 4 Trophies.

I love this strategy for relating words to each other.


  1. I am continually impressed with your lessons. You are an exemplary model of how to weave quality instruction into an existing basal program!


  2. Thank you for sharing your posters and ideas. I'm inspired! I'm really going to focus more on vocabulary and fluency next year--the two areas I push to the side, but are so important for reading comprehension.